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Catch up with us on Route Fifty

In recent weeks,we've published several columns of which we're particularly proud, on #RouteFifty. You can find them all on the Hot Off the Presses Feature of this website, but we wanted to draw your attention to a few of them here, as well:

* A Transparent Look at How Governments Are Spending the $350B in ARPA Funds

On Aug. 31, states and large localities had to provide reports on how they are allocating their federal funds. They also have to post them on transparency websites, which can help them learn from one another and coordinate spending plans.

* The Public Sector Retirement Explosion

For years, human resources officials worried about an alarming exodus of government retirees. Now it’s here—and it's because of Covid-19.

* How Local Governments Can Prevent Building Disasters

Some governments are beginning to take steps to prevent the kind of tragedy that took the lives of nearly 100 people in a Surfside, Florida, condominium collapse in June.

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