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The Future of State and Local Government Jobs

A couple of months ago we participated in a series of Q&A's with Linda Misegadis,  Senior Government Strategist for UKG a high tech firm that helps the public sector in the realm of Human Resources. The series was based on work we had done for Route Fifty about the Future of Government Jobs

In this, the last episode of the series, we talk about the uncertainty of the future of the state and local government workforce. Though many are seeing the change in the workforce exclusively through the lens of remote work, it's clear that even front line workers' jobs are changing dramatically thanks in large part to automation.

As we say, "no field will be the same in ten years as it is today." In one of her questions, LInda underscores this point by quoting Jennifer Fairweather director of human resources in Jefferson County Colorado and president of the Public Sector HR Association, "I can't think of one that's not going to change," she told us.

We hope you enjoy this - you can find the previous interviews in the archives below.

No Field Will Be The Same

No Field Will Be The Same

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