State Budget Resources

Thanks to months of labor on behalf of the Volcker Alliance – and aided by the generous help of Volcker staff and other experts, the following links will bring you to a thoroughly up-to-date, complete compendium of resources about state budgets


We intend this to be of use to journalists, analysts, advocacy groups, government observers of all sorts and citizens who take a real interest in the way their states are spending tax dollars.

Not only does this resource guide include governmental resources from both executive and legislative branches, it also includes the – sometimes hard to find – policy shops that produce information about their states’ budgets. To access the resource guide click here. To find a 50-state map, for easy reference to individual states click here.


Executive Orders by State

Executive orders made by the President have been featured heavily in the news recently...


But we hear less about executive orders made by state governors. Barrett and Greene has put together an interactive map that makes it easy to find the executive orders put into effect by each state’s governor. You can access that map by clicking here.

US Map.jpeg

The B&G Report: Quarterly subject guides to our blog posts

We realize that our blog does not (yet) have a good search mechanism. For that reason, our plan is to create quarterly subject guides to what we write in the blog. 


The most recent subject guide (our second) covers the period from April 1 to June 30th, 2017. We have arranged the blog posts by topic, with the most recent posts listed first within each topic area. You can access our second quarterly guide by clicking here.

The first subject guide is arranged in the same manner and covers the posts we wrote between January 4 and March 31, 2017. (Our website was first launched in January, 2017). You can access the first guide by clicking here.


Dominant Words In State Of The State Addresses

You can learn a lot about a person by examining the words they use... 


And when it comes to governor's state of the state addresses, the very specific words used by each governor speaks volumes about each state. We've put together an interactive map that links to a word cloud for every state showing the dominant words used in the 2017 state of the state addresses. We created these word clouds using You can access our map by clicking here.


Budget Transparency: What's New is Old

Are efforts to make budgets more transparent a new idea?


Watch this slideshow produced by Barrett and Greene Inc. to find out the answer. It was assembled and researched by Thomas Greitens, director of the Master of Public Administration program at Central Michigan University and was produced by Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene for Barrett and Greene, Inc.


Which states are the best?

According to 2017's "State of the State" speeches, all of them!


Back in 2017, Barrett and Greene Inc. produced a video highlighting some of the superlatives governors used when talking about their states. You can watch it HERE