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Atlanta’s new wellness center

In Fiscal Year 2018, the City of Atlanta employee health premiums are going down by 1.87 percent. That’s a big change from the days when 12 percent increases were routine.

“My percentage increases have kept going down because our employee behavior has changed,” says Atlanta Commissioner of Human Resources Yvonne Yancy, citing the city’s full throttle effort to emphasize employee wellness, whether it’s physical, mental or financial.

In our most recent Governing column, which came out on Friday, Atlanta was one of several cities we highlighted to show the kinds of new benefits that governments are using to engage employees while also lowering absenteeism, controlling health costs, boosting recruitment and reducing turnover. The opening of Atlanta’s new wellness center, with its gym, free health clinic, juice bar, sparkling showers and sleep pods, is shown in the one-minute video below. It’s one more addition to the city’s already robust benefits, including health education programs, flexible work schedules, paid family leave and robust employee assistance program.


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