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Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene have dedicated themselves to researching, writing and analyzing state and local governments. To see their most recent thoughts, comments, short essays, and links, click on the "B&G Report" below.

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Guest Column

Link to our recent columns on the public sector turnover crisis and the challenges of managing a multigenerational workforce -- plus, a new report on the dos and don'ts for strengthening performance management 
 Is the purpose of government work to decrease backlogs or save lives? A leadership lesson about motivating employees from former Virginia gubernatorial chief of staff Bill Leighty.


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Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene
Over the course of nearly 30 years, Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, principals of Barrett and Greene, Inc. have done much-praised analysis, research and writing about state and local governments. They are nationally-known authorities in performance management, budgeting and finance; human resources, procurement; tax systems, health management and policy, pensions, infrastructure, contracting, civics education and a host of other topics.

B&G Report

Special Features

Why do people laugh when we tell them what we do for a living? Is it really so funny to research and write about making government work better? Plus, a look at the digital divide that still exists for too many Americans. 
Lessons from the pandemic for governments at all levels. based on our new report from the IBM Center for The Business of Government. 
UPDATE: A special event about the report can also be found here!