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Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene have dedicated themselves to researching, writing and analyzing state and local governments. To see their most recent thoughts, comments, short essays, and links, click on the "B&G Report" below.

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Link to our most recent columns on police data, the challenge of poor quality data, and the critical importance of employee benefits 
 GFOA's Shayne Kavanagh presents DC's successful practices for equitable and open asset management.


Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene
Over the course of nearly 30 years, Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, principals of Barrett and Greene, Inc. have done much-praised analysis, research and writing about state and local governments. They are nationally-known authorities in performance management, budgeting and finance; human resources, procurement; tax systems, health management and policy, pensions, infrastructure, contracting, civics education and a host of other topics.

Introducing Our New Book: Making Government Work—The Promises and Pitfalls of Performance-Informed Management.

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 Our newest blog posts share reading recommendations and why the term "best practices" makes us jittery.
We were recently featured as guests on the Mathematica Podcast, "On the Evidence." We invite you to listen.

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