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Several years ago, we worked with the Volcker Alliance to created a guide to resources about state budgeting intended for use by public officials, policy advocates, journalists, academics, and concerned citizens.

In late September 2022, the Alliance updated the guide, which will once again provide up-to-date sources of information to provide a clear-eyed state-by-state financial outlook. You can find it by clicking here:

​The guide provides a clickable map, which will lead you to a treasure trove of information about each of the fifty states.

“Understanding a state’s budget is never a one-step process, but our State Budget Sources guide gives you a central starting point,” said William Glasgall, Senior Director, Public Finance at the Volcker Alliance.

This resource links to budget sources for all fifty states as well as legislative analyses of budget bills and treasurers’ or comptrollers’ monthly state cash flow statements; capital spending plans; reports on public worker pension funding and returns; and reports by local and national fiscal research organizations, bond rating firms, and associations of state fiscal and finance officials.

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