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Misleading road signs

Don’t believe what you see.

We get lost a lot. It’s common, in our car, to hear our voices harshly cussing out the GPS (when it starts to assert that it’s “recalculating,” we want to throw it out the window. But at least that’s better than the times when we’re yelling at one another.)

With our mutual lack of a sense of direction, we’re particularly dispirited when road signs are unclear – or even wrong. And that happens more often than you’d think. We have to wonder why towns and cities aren’t somewhat more careful on this front.

Here’s Exhibit A:  For over a year, we’ve entered the FDR Drive just after 34th street to be greeted by two signs that clearly advise us to get out of the two right hand lanes. They’re “closed,” the orange signs claim. But they’re not. We have never — not once — seen the right two lanes closed in hundreds of times that we’ve taken this route.

Changing lanes on this busy three-lane stretch of road is never a snap and so we feel particularly sorry for the folks who don’t know, as we do, that the only way these signs are useful is if you ignore them.

So, that’s what we do. Of course, if ever reality matches the signage, we’ll be out of luck, just like all the people who follow them now are.


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