Protecting State Dollars from Fraud, Waste and And Abuse 

"As the state’s important fiscal watchdogs, the Auditors of Public Accounts (in Connecticut) serves the legislature, the public and the media to inform them of areas of concern in state government," according to the auditor's website. "It is our goal to make government work better and protect taxpayers from waste, fraud, and abuse."

This task has always been of great importance, and with federal money pouring into state coffers, it's become particularly critical.


A few weeks ago, one of Connecticut's two auditors, John C. Geragosian,  participated in a Route Fifty "Follow the Money" event, in which he told Richard Greene, Route Fifty senior advisor and columnist about the ways he's been attempting to effectively inoculate Connecticut from the likelihood of fraud. In addition to his role in Connecticut, Geragosian is also president of the National State Auditor's Association (a division of NASACT), and his insightful comments are useful to states from coast to coast.

Here's the 20-minute segment.

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