Performance Management: Not a Silver Bullet. . . but Still a Powerful Weapon

On Friday, April 22nd, we were invited to give a presentation at the 2022 Marc Holzer Public Performance Symposium. As we attended virtually, you'll see from the ten minute video below that we were in the den of our home in Bethel, Connecticut. 

We were given the opportunity to share our observations about the world of performance management beginning with  our early experiences working with the giants of the field like Harry Hatry, John Kamensky and Jay Fountain.


When we first began down this path, as you'll hear on the video, we were true believers, and were convinced that all state and local governments needed to do was to measure things and programmatic successes would inevitably follow. Of course, that turned out not to be the case, and as time went on we learned that for all the promises of performance management there were a number of pitfalls.

We attempted to talk about both in late April, and hope you'll watch, enjoy, and get something out of our brief talk.

NOTE: Due to technical issues beyond our comprehension, if you don't turn off this link to YouTube at the end of our presentation, you'll find yourself transported to a long clip from Columbo. If you find that more interesting than our talk. . . that'll be a bonus.