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A guide to past blog posts

We launched our website in January and are enjoying writing about a wide variety of government topics. But we don’t have a search mechanism (yet) and we realize that when one of our posts drops off the first page of this blog, it pretty much disappears from view. You have to be a pretty intrepid reader to scan back to see what we wrote last week or the week before.

But many of the topics we cover remain timely. In addition, we are very happy with the number of new readers we’re getting every day and are eager to share past posts, as well as new ones. So, when every quarter ends, our plan is to put together a subject index to the blog posts from that period.

We’ve put the First Quarter Subject Guide in the Resources section of our website. We’ve included links to blog posts from January 4th to March 31st. You’ll see we’ve covered a wide variety of topics in these three months (water leaks, unengaged state employees, misleading road signs, annoying meetings,  smelly tax collections for recreational marijuana, the big lies of government, etc.).

Take a look and see what you may have missed.

And while you’re visiting our website, check out our home page for this month’s multimedia feature on early 20th Century budget transparency, our “Hot off the Presses” section for links to what we’ve written elsewhere, and our Guest Column, where we feature a new — and very feisty — column by Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto.


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