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Voices From the GFOA

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Between May 21 and May 24, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) held its annual conference in Portland Oregon. Thousands of attendees attended sessions on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to cyber security to affordable housing to budgeting for equity.

As advisors to GFOA, we moderated several of these sessions. Beyond that, we took advantage of the opportunity to capture observations on video from nine of the attendees including Chris Morrill, executive director of GFOA. Each one was interesting to us, and we think they will be to you. To see the videos, click below.


(Truth in advertising: our electronics went awry during two of these conversations, and so we did a remote re-take, after the conference, on Zoom.)

Chris Morrill, Executive Director and CEO, GFOA

Susan Gooding-Liburd, Chief Financial Officer, Mirimar, Florida

Jack Pellegrino, Director of Purchasing and Contracting,
County of San Diego, California

Shayne Kavanagh, Senior Mmanager of Research, GFOA

Chris Adams, President of Balancing Act by Polco

Matt Lentz Chief Financial Officer,
Upper Moorland School District, Pennsylvania

Rebecca Takahashi, President Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA)

Chris Forster, Assistant Town Manager, Bluffton, South Carolina

Mark McDaniel, Chief Transformation Officer, Fort Worth, Texas

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